The Charles Bernard Story, 1979-2002

CHARLES BERNARD & ASSOCIATES INC. (old web site) CHARLES BERNARD EXECUTIVE SEARCH SERVICES Subsiduary Companies Xukor Inc., a pre-employment screening & referencing company Employeer’s Mutual of Georgia Inc., retail employment database firm Civil Recovery Inc., a legal assistance company to handle litigation concerning thefts of dismissed employees of merchandise After the collapse of W.T. Grant … More The Charles Bernard Story, 1979-2002


This story is about a grand-child in his early twenties who had gone astray several years ago for the second time. Hanging out with the wrong crowd, a big dose of laziness, and a clear unwillingness to conform to the laws and customs of our society brought this youth to jail where he spent several … More ALMOST THERE!


Yes, I’ve been away a long time…not counting… but I there was a period when I was diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer and I am no cancer free, and my body is behaving like it used to. Now all I have to contend with are the vicissitudes of old age.  I don’t feel old…so I’ll live … More WHAT’S NEXT FOR THOUSANDS OF RELIGIOUS DENOMINATIONS?