Yes, I’ve been away a long time…not counting… but I there was a period when I was diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer and I am no cancer free, and my body is behaving like it used to. Now all I have to contend with are the vicissitudes of old age.  I don’t feel old…so I’ll live with the old saw…your as old as you feel!

2015 has been a year for the records…the Supreme Court has turned Healthcare and Marriage upside down. Here is a truncated take on my feelings. My article at http://www.charliecourtois.com

I will have lived 79 years by August 9th of 2015. And, up until this past week I thought I had seen the worst and the best of those years; but, the Supreme Court has trumped all that I have ever heard or imagined with the depravity of their decisions: The Affordable Care Act and the Same Sex Marriage decisions…beats it ALL.

Since the two monumental court decisions I have not been able to get “The Same-sex Marriage” decision out of my mind. I know that it is a civil matter but for all those who are just becoming adults this has to be very troubling and confusing.

What will the consequences of this decision be?

For people who are already married and have reared their children I doubt there will be very little change. I can’t say the same for those who have to explain to their children what just happened in the very highest court. When, what and why will cause hundreds of thousands, maybe millions to explain why men can marry men, and women can marry women. Why? Because the Supreme Court said it is all right? Yes Sir that is the Law of the Land.

Did the Lord say it was all right? Of course not, marriage is between a WOMAN and MAN and this has been so… since the beginning of time. It will never change. Just like 2+2=4, it is a fact and is unchangeable.

The real dilemma is for the pastors of the 44,000+ protestant religious denominations who are running their churches by democratic voting decrees. There will be thousands of religious clerics who will be torn between violating their consciences and keeping their job.

The Catholic faith will carry on without any change. It will continue to Obey and serve Our Lord just like they always have for 2,000 plus years…for better or worse. We are all sinners, but at least we Catholics are taught what is right and wrong, most try to follow the rules.

Back again…yours truly,

Charlie Courtois

PS: MY NEW STATUS – Healthy & Free of Cancer

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