Enjoying a well served meal...
Enjoying a well served meal…

In the October 30, 2015, issue of THE WEEK there was an article about tipping in a New York restaurant chain. Danny Meyer, the head of the chain decided that tipping is “demeaning,” and it leads to unbalanced wages among restaurant workers since it excludes the kitchen staff and hostesses. Meyer is planning on increasing food prices next year about 20%. That begs the question:

Should and will good service be rewarded with this system?

Of course the New York restaurant owners are up against the highest minimum wages in the country.
One writer thinks this would ruin one of the great meritocratic systems in the U.S.A., said Rich Cromwell, in The Federalist.com.

There is a huge difference between washing dishes and the art of serving. IMO it is folly to believe one can combine the two disciplines and have satisfied customers with such a system. Tipping has been a successful way for the last century, and this socialization scheme is doomed for failure.
Do you think Tipping is on the way out?

Sound off please!

Charlie Courtois


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