A Hindu Conversion Story

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Who He Is

Nanaje Giduturi, is a young man born and raised in India of a father who made his living all of his adult life selling vegetables. Their family  six practice the Hindu religion. They live in a small town where virtually everybody knows the father and the mother and their four children.

Nanaje is the youngest, and his parents felt that they would not need his full time help with the business, so he went to a trade school and became a certified welder. He was employed by a contractor who worked for shipbuilders and earned a very good wage.  His place of employment and his home were a whole day’s train ride, so he used the telephone to stay in touch. Although he was earning a lot of money he was missing his siblings and a very sick mother. Because he had a trade where there was a big demand, he was given the opportunity to come to the US with a temporary visa. We now transition to the USA.

How We Met

Every Wednesday morning I attend a Bible study at the local Dairy Queen Restaurant in Forsyth, GA, and one day in December he was a guest of a Baptist youth minister. We had begun to hear the conversion stories of each of the group’s members. Nanaje raised his hand for the next week. I really didn’t have time to say hello, but the owner of the Dairy Queen told me that he had heard his testimony and that it was nothing short of unbelievable. So, I made sure that I was there next week.

His Testimony (short version)

A Christian friend told his mother that he would pray that her back would heal; and, this lady had been unable to run the vegetable stand for several years, and she had been to all of the doctors in her area, specialists, and this was not cheap. The family had just about exhausted all the reserve funds to medical treatment. Nanaje was helping pay the medical bills.

This friend came and prayed novena with Nanaje’s mom every night for nine days, and on the tenth day she was miraculously healed. This miracle was witnessed by the whole town and now the lady decided to convert to Christianity, and they were dreadfully afraid the townspeople would not patronize their business since she left the Hindu religion.  She converted, and then her husband had an uncurable sickness, and this Christian lady came and prayed with him. He was healed and was faced with a dilemma of conversion because he was a key person in their temple. All worked out well and their whole family has converted to Christianity.

I will continue this amazing story in Part II.

For us Americans conversion to the Christian faith is common-place, but for the Hindu‘s the Christian converts are forced to endure a great deal of ridicule and shunning which is very disruptive to their lives. These religious decisions are not always accepted by the small communities like Nanaje is from, nor is it always possible because of the pier pressure, and the personal prejudice any convert must be subjected to economically and person

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    8 thoughts on “A Hindu Conversion Story

      1. As soon as I can get Nanaje to come by I will do part two. The story he told us a while ago has faded into a feeling, and some of the facts are no longer with me.
        Thank you for coming by.

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