A snake enlarged (2)

This story is about a grand-child in his early twenties who had gone astray several years ago for the second time. Hanging out with the wrong crowd, a big dose of laziness, and a clear unwillingness to conform to the laws and customs of our society brought this youth to jail where he spent several years.

The grandparents had had enough. Three strikes and the grand-child was out!  A decision was made to let the law take its course. This is never easy and it was not the first bout with the law they had with these disciplinary measures. These experiences stressed out grandma more than it did grandpa…and it was no small feat to get through the mountain of telephone calls from the authorities, the jail-calls, and the refusals of help the whole mess generated.

We knew that this subject was incarcerated but declined to involve ourselves in any of the details of the sentence. The phones were quiet and there had not been any people stopping by to inquire where he was. I guess no news was good news, at least as far as we were concerned. Let nature take its course.

Fast forward now to about 6 weeks ago when we heard the full scoop from the horse’s mouth, a non-collect call, surprise, brought the uplifting details of this delinquency debacle to our consciousness full-circle. After sitting in the jail for some two years, we find out that our grand-child had been transferred to the Salvation Army Program for drug rehab for six months. He is in the 5th month of the program and is now allowed visitation which we have taken advantage of several times.

It appears that we have a changed grand-son…he has not had any negative reports from his superiors and is due to graduate sometime around mid-November. The details of the program and how our grandson intends to proceed are for another time.

We just received a card from our grand-son which reads:

                  Thank you for being the best
grandparents anybody  could ask for.
I don’t know what I would do 
without ya’ll.
Thank ya’ll for the tough love, took me long
to get it right. I’m grateful  to have you all back
             in my life. Just wanted to say Thank You…

So far, so good!


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