FACT: In 1857 the Capitol was the largest church in the United States!

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Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011
By Charlie Courtois

This is a U-Tube presentation which speaks of the Christian work of our first two president’s, Washington, and Thomas Jefferson (the least spiritual, christian of the two). The first US Bible was printed and paid for by the US government, and it was duly recommended by the US government for the schools and to the peopleof our land.

Knowledge can provide impetus for everyone to re-think what the truth about our government the first 100 years of its existence truely was. This video takes the veil off the untruths be ing told by people who want to take prayer and God out of our schools, and why is that?


Enjoy this well articulated history lesson, A U.S. Capitol Tour, by David Barton. It may just turn your head and your heart in a new direction. Listen to the Christian history of our government.






A U-Tube presentation, by David Barton,



2 thoughts on “FACT: In 1857 the Capitol was the largest church in the United States!

  1. Amen, Wolf.
    I am limiting my Blogs here to two:
    1. The Power of the Word
    2. All About Employment (& Unemployment , my expertise)
    3. Newsvine
    4. Blogger
    END BLOG’s

    The real news is that I am going to write two books:
    1) So, You Think You Want to Be Self-Employed?
    2) Not sure of Title: All About the 2nd Great Commandment and how to live it faithfully everyday.
    So, writing for the books will take on more of my attention. It that time in my life!

    Take care, Charlie

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