Our Lady of KIBEHO, a book review

The Queen of Heaven story by Immaculée Ilibigaza
Our Lady of KIBEHO – a Book Review

by Immaculée ILIBAGIZA, with Steve Erwin; MARY speaks to the WORLD from the heart of AFRICA

This deeply personal and moving story is certain to help spread the message of love, hope, and peace delivered in Kibeho throughout the world—a world desperately in need of inspiration.

The story,LEFT TO TELL, was Immaculée’s first New York Times bestseller which I read and reviewed on Newsvine before I had the opportunity to meet her when she visited Macon, Georgia, in 2009. This new loving story of KIBEHO brings to light the many Marian authorized images that were finally authorized by the Catholic Church of Rome. These visionaries, some eight of them, forewarned the world through these young school children, of the catastrophic genocide which ultimately befell Rwanda which left more than a million people dead in 1994.

Immaculée’s father, a teacher, and some of her friends were able to go to witness the early visions that were broadcast all over Rwanda prior to the genocide. There were three key visionaries:Alphonsine, Anatholie, and Marie-Claire who underwent incredible testing, ridicule, and disbelief, before the people of Rwanda and the church officials were convinced that these three school children were not faking it.

Now with this book, The Lady of Kibeho, she hopes to change all of that. She made many pilgrimages to Kibeho both before and after the holocaust. She witnessed true miracles, and spoke with a number of visionaries themselves. What she discovered will deeply touch your heart.

Here are two very telling opinions by two very influential professionals:
“This remarkable story of how Rwanda, a country divided by ethnic hatred and shattered by one of history’s bloodiest genocides, is reuniting and healing itself through a singular faith in the enduring love and forgiveness of the Virgin Mary. No matter what your race, religion, political affiliation, or personal belief system, you will be inspired by Our Lady of Kibeho—a true story of the power of faith and the great potential of forgiveness.”
—John Fund, columnist for The Wall Street Journal.

“Why did God send the Queen of Heaven and Earth, mother of Christ, and mother of all the peoples to Kibeho, Rwanda? Why did the Blessed Virgin choose to come to the heart of rural Africa with messages for the entire world? Immaculée, like a flower that has sprung from the soil of Kibeho, has dedicated her life to addressing these questions and helping us understand the messages the Blessed Mother delivered to the three visionaires here, messages that echo the powerful truths of the gospel. The redeeming love of the Blessed Mother lives in Kibeho and is here for the world to discover. Immaculée has captures that love in Our Lady of Kibeho. If you read this book it will change your life.
Father Leszek Czelusniak, the director of the Marian Formation Center “CANA” in Kibeho, Rwanda.


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