Book Review – Non-Fiction: HELD HOSTAGE

Book Cover
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Reference Information for the Book

  • Name of Book:HELD HOSTAGE
  • Author Name:Ken Cooper
  • Publisher:Chosen Books
  • Year Released and/or ISBN Number:2009 Copyright – ISBN 978-0-8007-9456-9

Type of Book

  • Nonfiction – Husband, Father, Esteemed Community Man, ARMED ROBBER.

About the Writing

  • The unflinching story of one man’s double life—and his ultimate transformation.

About the Author

  • This is the author’s own story, told clearly and candidly in excruciating detail. Prior to his arrest and 99 year conviction with a hold on 33 of those years, this man led a double life as a professional and an adrenalin addicted serial bank-robber.

Some Quotes about the Book

  • “Ken points his readers to the only Light that can penetrate the darkness of prison—or the darkness of the human heart. This is an amazing testimony.” -CHUCK COLSON, Founder, Prison Fellowship

    “Ken’s transformation serves as a reminder to all of us that God’s light can never be put out by the darkness. He will shine His timeless healing power on us when we call on Him, especially in moments of deep despair. Ken’s book points the way for others to tap into life and joy and transformation based in the love of a living God. ROBERT H. SCHULLER, founding pastor of the Crystal Cathedral, host of The Hour of Power.

Why I Enjoyed Reading the Book

  • It was a quick entertaining read much like a Gresham novel, but this story was real and horrifying. Since I am involved with the prison ministry that first contacted Ken in federal prison called Kairos (God’s Special Time), the impact of his conversion was particularly poignant to me.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

  • Since Ken led a complete double life, the good side of the story tears up your heart to a point of tears. The bad part about this saga is that the prison system in this case is one of the worst situations one could imagine. The ugly part of the story is all about the mayhem and savage treatment of the weaker inmates at this Florida facility. The inner workings of this penitentiary were so bad that Florida has closed it.

By Charlie Courtois


4 thoughts on “Book Review – Non-Fiction: HELD HOSTAGE

    1. Hi Ann,
      Out of curiosity I tried your database. . . What is it a database of?
      Thank you for your kind words.
      I am used to Newsvine and I looks like it will be a while before I get the hang of it here!
      I am an eclectic reader; so, would you like me to put your name on my list of people who like to read Book Reviews? I plan on writing Book Reviews and Spiritual Reflections here. Would you like me to keep you on my book review list?
      What do like to write about?

  1. Hi, Charlie,
    Am finding your book reviews interesting. This Ken Cooper sure is an unusual kind of thrill-seeker! Normal people just go parachuting or bungee-jumping when they want an adrenalin rush. I’d like to read what this guy has to say for himself. How did the idea to rob a bank take hold of him? Did he do other things for a rush and work his way up to robbing banks?

  2. Hi Minnie,
    I am still trying to negotiate this system. I thought I answered this comment days ago; and then I rewrote another answer and I got another reminder.

    The author,Ken Cooper, did not go into how other “rushes” and frankly the book was short, so in fairness he simply began by telling about his brother’s sense of foreboding about his outward behavior. People sensed something was wrong but he never revealed his deeds.
    Bizarre to say the least.

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