A Book Review of Faith, Hope & Love

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Reference Information for the Book

  • Name of Book:The Many Faces of Mary, a Love Story
  • Author Name: Bob & Penny Lord
  • Publisher:Journeys of Faith
  • Year Released and/or ISBN Number: 0-926143-19-0
The Many Faces of Mary, a Story of Love

Type of Book

  • Non-Fiction: Tracks Mother Mary’s Apparitions from the 16th century. Read how every one of her
    Apparitions was for a specific purpose. Except for Medjugorie, 1981, there are nine apparitions which the Church recognizes as absolutely authentic under the rigorous rules of scrutiny of the Catholic Church Hierarchy.

About the Writing

  • The facts and stories in this book have been carefully documented by Bob and Penny Lord with their multiples visits to all of sites listed in this book of love for our Virgin Mother, Mary. For believers and non-believers alike the descriptions and testimony of the children that ultimately were the witnesses of these amazing appearances written
    about in this group of stories about Mary will penetrate the hearts of all who choose to explore the pages of this wonderful paperback.
    Miraculous Events :
    Mary, my first love Guadalupe, 1531; – Mary saves America from annihilation. Paris, 1830; – Mary gives us the Miraculous Medal. La Salette, 1846; – Our Lady never ceased weeping. Lourdes, 1858; – Affirms dogma of Immaculate Conception. Pontmain, 1871; – Mary appears and ends war in Europe. Knock, 1879; – Her message more crucial now than ever. Fatima, 1917;- Mary prophesies World Wars. Beauraing, 1932; – Mary prepares us for WWII. Banneux,1933; – She said “Whole nations will be annihilated.” Also, available in Spanish which is the language I read it in.

About the Authors

  • The prologue of this book was written by: Father Robert J. Fox, Youth Apostolate of Fatima and he quotes Pope John Paul II and Pope John VI, about the importance of
    Mary, the Mother of God, and her role in the church today. Bob and Penny Lord have devoted their life to serving our Lord as lay people who are recognized as devoted presenters of the lives of the saints in print and on E.W.T.N., the Eternal World Television Network, and they have been doing so through books, videos, CD’s, DVD’s and pilgrimages to many of the Holy Shrines of the world for several decades.

Some Quotes about the Book

  • : “You need a box of tissues when you read it.” “I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in a day, then began again.” “As a convert, I never knew Mary. I’ve met her in a special way. I’ll never let her go.” “You make Mother Mary touchable, someone I can turn to.” Track Mother Mary’s
    approved Apparitions from the 16th through the 20th century. Read how every one of her Apparitions was for a specific purpose.

    Reader comments:
    Dear Bob and Penny:
    I just purchased the book, “The Many Faces of Mary, a love story.” I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this book. I checked it out at the library and I had to order my own copy. I want to read it over and over again. I want to keep it for my family and friends to read. I found out about the book on our awesome Catholic station, EWTN. I’m hooked on this television network I consider you and all the wonderful people on EWTN my
    teachers. Since the Passion of the Christ movie I am yearning to learn as much as I can. I will buy all your books. They are such good and easy
    readings. My relationship with our Blessed Mother is so much closer than ever before because of your book. May God Bless you always and keep up the good work.
    Thanks for being two of my teachers.
    C. B. Longmont, CO

Why I Enjoyed Reading the Book

  • It is just an unforgettable experience. I too read it over and over.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

  • One of the ways our Lady has shown her love for us has been through her visits to our planet, in the form of Apparitions. Read how every one of her apparitions was for a specific purpose, not for an individual, but for a nation, and sometimes the world.The excitement builds as the drama unfolds. She saved America from annihilation at Guadalupe. Listen to the powerful warning of Fatima,to the little shepherds, and the way the world has reacted to it. Discover through those she prepared us so gently, and lovingly, for World War II by her apparitions in Beauraing and Banneux. Learning about Jesus, through Mary, has changed the course of world history. Journey in Faith with us to Lourdes, shrine of hope, of faith, of love and of healing. There is no ugly in this book; it is all about love and kindness.


4 thoughts on “A Book Review of Faith, Hope & Love

  1. Charlie, Thanks for the nook review. I will order and read. The Blessed Mother has played a central role in bringing me closer to Christ.

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